Words become reality

Shinei Shukla
2 min readJun 18, 2021

If you say “I can’t draw” humorously over and over again, your brain will form a belief that you are totally incapable of drawing — and you will never try. If you say “I’m bad at accountancy”, you will grow to expect problems to be beyond your reach- and you will never try.

Saying negative things over and over leads to a gigantic shift in your attitude, and you begin to live that negativity. Negativity and procrastination are intimately linked. You can fix this by using cognitive dissonance.

If you believe that you can’t paint or draw, begin to say “I can draw or paint.” Say it loud. Write it in your journal. Say it to yourself.

Turn your cant's into cans. Flip the negative to a positive. Make affirmations a daily habit and begin to take better care of yourself today.

Some of my favorite affirmations:

• I am worthy.

• I am grateful and blessed.

• I believe in myself.

• I am doing my best.

• I am a creative soul.

• You’re not allowed to give-up.

• I‘ll not admit that I lose in the end because I learn from my failures.

• It’s okay not to be okay :)

• I love myself.

• I am strong and capable.